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Work Programme

To achieve the NEBIAS vision of an intelligent prosthetic hand system the following components will be developed:

  • intraneural electrodes able to selectively interface the peripheral nervous system. The electrodes will be preliminary tested in animals and then in selected human amputees;
  • an implanted electronic transmitter/receiver, powered wirelessly by an extra-corporal unit that amplifies motor nerve signals and permits selective electrical stimulation of sensory fibres;
  • external embedded electronics for recording, processing, and stimulation;
  • artificial upper limb and dexterous hand;
  • decoding and encoding algorithms to develop the bi-directional link between the nervous system and the artificial device, based on combined processing of EEG and ENG signals.


The objectives of the project will be realised in 48 months through 11 work packages, namely:

  • WP1: Project management;
  • WP2: Peripheral neural interfaces;
  • WP3: Embedded electronics;
  • WP4: Artificial limbs;
  • WP5: Decoding algorithms;
  • WP6: Encoding algorithms;
  • WP7: System integration and functional assessment;
  • WPs 8-9: In-vivo experiments with animals;
  • WP10: In-vivo experiments with humans;
  • WP11: Dissemination, collaboration, and exploitation.

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